Every fellowship hall has an abundance of folding tables and chairs, this game will put them to a different use.

Set up is easy:
Place 4 chairs in the center of the room so the backs form a square. Encircle the 4 chairs with another ring of chairs. Continue to add rings of chairs till you get something that looks like a giant target. Mark each ring with a point total, inner ring is 50 points, next one is 40 points and so on till you get ot the outer ring.
Take two folding tables and lay one on the floor without opening the legs. Place another table next to the end and only open one of the legs to form the lanching ramp.
Balls are rolled down the ramp and lanched into the Skeeball ring. For the balls we used Soccerballs, Basketballs and for a challenge Footballs.
If desired you can make the game into a team challenge and place a ramp on opposite sides of the Skeeball target and have each kid launch a ball together.

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