St. Peter, St. Paul, St. John

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This game is best played with a group not exceding 10 people (not including the St.’s)

Each person is given a person or number. Everyone keeps the rhythm by patting their thighs and clapping their hands at a reasonable pace. Whoever is St. Peter starts the game. He identifies himself 3 times then calls someone else, who would then do the same.

“St. Peter, St. Peter, St. Peter, # 3”
“# 3, # 3, # 3, St. John”
“St. John, St. John, St. John, St. Paul”
“St. Paul, St. Paul, St. Paul, # 1”

Whoever messes up is then eliminated. That then shifts that game. If # 2 is eliminated, # 3 will be “2” and “4” will be “3”. That goes for the St.’s as well. If St. Peter is eliminated, St. Paul will become St. Peter and start the next round. When everyone is comfortable with the game, speed up the rhythm for more fun.

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