Spot the Trick or Treater

by | All Youth, Indoor Youth Group Games

This is great for a alternative Halloween night. Bring your group into the sanctuary. Shut off all the lights. Make sure it’s as dark as possible. Make sure that the santuary is clear of objects the teens might trip on or break. Send the group to the back of the sancuary. Then place a leader or older teen in the front of the sanctuary with a big bowl of candy and flashlight. Now, have the students begin to come toward the leader with the flashlight. However, if the leader spots them with the flashlight and says their name, they have to go to the back of the sanctuary again. The leader must stay in one spot right by the bowl of candy. The object of the game is for the teens to get to the bowl of candy and grab a handful before they get spotted. This is great for smaller groups. You can have more than one leader with a flashlight for larger groups.

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