This is a youth group classic! In the middle of the circle are spoons (one less than there are people playing). Everyone has 4 cards. The dealer picks up one card. If he doesn’t want that card, he passes it to the person on his right. If he does want it, he keeps that card, and passes an unwanted card from his 4 cards to the person to his right. If P2 wants the card passed to her, she keeps it and passes a card from her group of 4 to the person to her right. If she doesn’t want the passes card, she passes it on to the next player. You can only have 4 cards in your hand at a time. This all must take place QUICKLY. When someone gets 4 of a kind (4 10’s, 4 Queens, 4 2’s, etc.), he sneakily takes a spoon from the middle. As this is occurring, the cards are still passing throughout the circle, and he is simply looking at the passed cards and passing them on, keeping his set of 4. As people start noticing the missing spoon(s), they grab one for themselves. The person left without a spoon is the loser and must chug a glass of water. *After the first spoon has been taken, you do not have to have a set of 4 to take a spoon. However, if you mistakenly take or touch a spoon prior to someone getting a set of 4 – and you do not have a set of 4 – then you’re the loser of that round. The “dealer” spot goes to the person on the previous dealer’s left.

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