For this game you need two spoons, two forks, and a knife. This game will keep them guessing for a while. Basically what you do is you start off the game by taking three of the silverware and shaping it into the number 2. Ask the kids what number between 0 and 10 (including 0 and 10) is on the table. When they say 2 say “correct”. Do the same thing using two of the silverware to make the number 7. Next make another obvious number and ask what number is on the table. For instance you make the number 4, and when they say 4 say “incorrect”. The key to this game is that is that it is not the number that is on the table in the form of the silverware but rather how many fingers you discreetly have on the table. This game will keep them guessing for the longest time. When other kids start to get it encourage them not to tell the others. They will have fun feeling like they are in on a secret that the others are not.

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