Spiritual Survivor – Update

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We played a game of Survivor with our youth group last year after reading about some similar games on EGAD!.

I have created a Yahoo! group where I discuss our version of the game a little more and have logos, backgrounds, and other files for the game available for download. You can visit it and even join at

You can also read about our game at www.rbchurchofchrist.org on the “Youth Group” page. It is very similar to the following but with pictures:

Casting Call-
The first act for the evening was to have a casting call. In order to be considered for the game each applicant had to eat a spoonful of green mystery mush. (EgadIdeas)

Then we played a game of musical mush – much like musical chairs except that the person left with the spoon had to take another bite of mystery mush. That person then drew several names of people to eliminate from consideration to play “Soul Survivor”.

Next we showed a very special video of our youth minister stepping in the mystery mush! Now we know what the mystery was!

Relay Madness-
At this point we had formed two tribes of eight members each. Now we played Relay Madness to determine who would win “Grace” and avoid facing tribal council.

First, one member of each tribe had to run backwards to the end of the gym – turn around – and run backwards back – tagging up with the next person in the relay.

Next, one member of the tribe had to carry an egg on a spoon from one end of the gym and back – tagging up with the next person in the relay. (the egg was boiled but we didn’t tell the kids)

Next, two members from each tribe raced wheelbarrow style.

Finally, the whole tribe had to form a circle and run to the end of the gym and back.

This sent one tribe to tribal council to eliminate several members.

Ping Pong Course –
With one tribe short on members, the bigger tribe set out competitors for this round.

Working as a team with whatever plan they wanted, the tribes had to manuver a ping pong ball through a course of chairs using only their breathe through a straw.

Again the losing tribe had to face tribal council.

Food Challenge –
This is where it got fun. Eight players remained and only four could continue to the final round. Now the game turned to an individual challenge – the gross food challenge. Each player was given $1000 in play money to bid on items. Whoever won the food item was able to choose who would have to eat it. By the end of the challenge everyone would have to eat something.

– chocolate buttermilk
– baby food – beef flavor
– Sauerkraut
– tofu
– mystery item – a special concoction of everything else up for bid with some gummy worms and chocolate syrup on top!
– mystery item – potted meat.
– Spinach – cold

mystery items were eaten blindfolded

The player with the most money left won “Grace”. We didn’t tell them this part ahead of time.

At the following tribal council four more tribe members were eliminated leaving the final four.

Holding Hymnals –
The final challenge was a test of endurance. Each contestant stood with their arms spread out and had one song book placed on each hand. After one minute, we added a book until there was only one “Soul Survivor”.

Pictures With Survivor Backgrounds –
One of the favorite activities of the evening was taking posed pictures. Later, we cut each posed person out of their picture and pasted them on survivor backgrounds with the logo and everything. We burned CD with everyone’s picture on it and also gave each youth a 4×6 print from wal-mart ($.26).

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