Divide your gym or ample-sized room in half, placing halves of your youth group on each side. Tape a small piece of brightly colored paper (or target) to the back wall of each side.

Each team must select two, very accurate throwers to serve as their team’s “snipers”. Proceed with normal dodgeball rules. After being hit, players – including snipers – must move to their team’s sideline and stand in the order in which they were hit. Everytime a ball is caught by a teammate, one person (the first person hit) may re-enter the game.

This game is called “Sniper Dodge Ball” because of one rule variation. The snipers can reintroduce all of their fallen teammates by simply hitting their opposing team’s target. Once that target is hit (totally or in part), all players on the sniper’s team can re-enter the game.

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