This game is a simple game that works great for “ice-breaking.”
First, have everyone take off their shoes and place them in a pile at the other end of the room. Seperate the group into lines of equal number (5-8 people/line works best). When you say “Go!” have the first person in each line do a specific “walk” towards the pile of shoes (for instance, crab walk, or have them hop on one foot, etc). When they get there, they have to dig in the pile for one of their own shoes- However, they can only put one on at a time. (This game works best with sneakers because they have to sit, and tie their shoes when they get to the pile). Once they have successfuly put on one of their shoes, they race back to their line doing the same “walk,” and the next person goes. The line that finishes first with each person having on both of their shoes, wins!

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