1 Deck of Skip-Bo Cards
1 Deck of Uno Cards
1 Deck of Phase-10 Cards

For 4 or more players.

Thoroughly shuffle/mix-up all decks of cards into one massive deck.
It’s easiest just to shuffle them all around on the floor or a large table.

Deal each player 15 cards
Split remaining cards into two piles. This just keeps the large pile from toppling over.
Flip one card over to the right of the pile. This is the Uno Pile.
The Skip-Bo Piles will be at 12 o’clock, 9 o’clock and 6 o’clock.

Uno pile plays like Uno. You may use any card from any of the decks to play. Keep standard Uno rules. Match colors (purple = blue, pink = red, etc.), numbers and you may play any wilds.
Skips, Draw 2 and Reverse cards only play on the Uno Pile.
If you have to draw 2, your turn is over.
You do not draw 4 on a Wild Draw 4 card. They are just wild.
One card left in your hand, you must say Uno before you end your turn. If not, Draw 4

Skip-Bo Piles start at 0 OR 1 and count up to 12.
When you reach 12 in one of the piles, that pile is flipped over and laid aside. it is dead.
Again, you may play any card from any deck, as long as it continues the number sequence from 1-12.
You may use wild cards.

Phase 10 continuing to use all of the cards.
First round of the game, everybody starts on phase 1. Second round, everybody starts on phase 2, etc.
You may lay down your phase only when you have the complete phase to lay down.
After you have laid down your phase, you may play off other peoples phases. (adding to a straight or adding to a set).

Special Rules:
You may play as many cards as you want/can on your turn.
You may draw or not. But, if you draw, it has to be at the beginning of your turn.
You may draw from ANY pile. The Draw pile, the Uno pile, the Skip-Bo piles and people’s phases are all fair game.
May only draw from a phase, if you have already laid down your phase.
May not leave any orphans. You can’t take one card from a set of 3 to leave 2. Or you can’t draw from a run of 4 to leave a run of 3.
May split up long runs to get to a card you need. (if a run has been added to, and there are 9 cards in the run 1-9, you want the 5, you can split it. 1-4, and 6-9. That is still the original run of 4.
You may replace wilds and use them as your own.
Set of 4s. you replace a wild with a 4. it must be played immediately.
If you can’t play a card, you must draw a card, and you may play it.
Dealer is also referee.
If a player pauses for more than 5 seconds, their turn is over. Ref is the only one to enforce this.
No suggesting plays to other players. Draw 4 cards

Feel free to add tweaks as needed. Different situations come up that need a ruling, and you just have to make the decision and go on.

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