Shoe Challenge

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Have all of the youth sit in a circle, on their knees, with one shoe in front of each person. The students will begin the chant below, and pass the shoes from left to right in rythem. This game tests your rythem and your hand-eye coordination.
A student will get “out” by getting off beat -or- failing to pass the shoe to the person beside them.
You will play “rounds”. Repeat the chant a couple of times each rounds and then decide who is out. As each person leaves, be sure to take one shoe out of the game. (Always keep one shoe per person). Make the circle smaller as you have less people.
To WIN… make it to the final round of only two students and beat out your peer with the best rhythm & skill. You will have ONE winner!!
“You pass the shoe from left to right like this, you pass the shoe and ne-ver miss. You pass the shoe from left to right like this, you pass the shoe and never EVER miss.”
The students will pass the shoes around the circl in time with the chant. It always goes left to right.
The only catch is that on the 2nd line of the chant…. “and never EVER miss.” Each player should hold onto the shoe they have in their hand at that time & touch it to their right on the word, “never”, touch the shoe to their left on the word, “ever”, and then back to the right to actually pass it, on the word, “miss.”.
This game works inside or outside… and with any SIZE group! Have fun!!

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