Senior Foot Feeling Frenzy

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This is a game that requires some preparation. I have played it with my youth as an excuse to give them gifts when they graduate from high school.

Needed: various items (bar of soap, roll of quarters, calculator, pen, USB thumbdrive, candy bar, book, soda pop, etc.), canvas bags that can be easily shut with a draw string (you don’t want to see through the bag, and you need as many bags and items as players for the game) In example: 10 players, 10 items, 10 bags.

Make sure your bags are big enough to fit each item you choose. Place one item in each bag and have your high school seniors sit in a circle in chairs. They will take off their shoes and socks and feel the bags with their feet only. Their job is to guess what is inside each bag. Then pass the bag to their neighbor with their feet. Although the name suggests mayhem this really should be calm and orderly. You don’t want these gift items broken in a “frenzy”.

When all the guesses have been made you open items one by one in a “dirty Santa” fashion. Where each youth opens a bag and is able to stick with the item they have or trade the item with some other player.

It is nice if all items are of equal value and if they can’t be of equal value (like a thumbdrive and a soda pop) then give an additional gift when the trading is completed (gift card to store or restaurant that makes up the difference between thumbdrive and soda pop)

Enjoy the fun of watching this game and the joy of showering these special people with gifts of agape.

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