Samurai Warriors

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Mark off a 10 x 10 foot area and place a chair and a low table in the center. Place an object on the table to represent a “treasure”. One person is selected as the samurai, who is blind since birth. This person is blindfolded and given a sword (we used golf tubes or pool noodles)and sits in the chair.
Everyone else is a ninja. They stand around the 10 ft. boundary and try to remain silent. One ninja is selected to steal the treasure without getting hit by the sword. If they succeed, they become the blind samurai. If they fail, another ninja is selected.
You can add variations to keep it interesting. (for example, we tried putting the treasure on celephane so it would make more noise.) The ninjas are usually allowed to use anything at their disposal to gain an advantage, such as throwing thier shoes to distract the samurai.
This was originally used in a lesson about 2 peter 1 and the group keeps asking for it. Be creative and have a blast!

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