The youths have to sit in a circle (with or without chairs, up to you. Start with someone in a circle. The person makes a slurping sound (like slurping a drink loudly). When he does that, he uses his left hand and make a hand gesture across his mouth. That means he is passing the ‘saliva’ over to the person siting on his right. If he does that with his right hand, he’s passing it to the person on his left.
If he says ‘pfuit’, that means he is spitting the ‘saliva’ to someone else who is not next to him. He can say ‘pfuit-Matthew’, and Matthew can’t do it back to him. He must continue passing the saliva on to someone on his right or left or ‘pfuit’ it to someone else.
If anyone of the players does the wrong hand gesture, or is slow to respond, he/she is out and the group will be able to ‘punish’ them.

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