Basically, all you need is a coffee can or cup, a few golf balls and a putter. It’s just like “Horse,” the basketball version. Divide the group into small teams or make it a one-on-one thing and have tournament, give each team their own ball.
To play, one team goes first, they set up the coffee can and any other props they want to use for the shot. They have two chances to sink the put in one shot, if they miss the next team gets to make a shot up. If the first team makes it, the next team has to as well or else they get an ‘H’ or whatever your playing. First team to spell HORSE, loses.
Another rule, if the shooting team calls “first shot” and makes it in one try, the next team has to also.
Try to encorporate props (ie chairs, tables, even students!) to bank the ball off of, it opens the students up to inventing more creative shots!
Its a blast and it gives us youth pastors who golf a chance to practice while we work!

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