Fall is here and games start to move inside and this one brings the outdoors inside.

Equipment needed:
– 4 Pumpkins that are about the size of a 16″ softball(I’m from Chicago). These are easy for the kids to hold and will hold up to the abuse.
– 12 White Squash, that can stand on end.

The Pumpkins are the balls and the Squash are the pins. Set up 2 lanes, each lane gets 2 Pumpkins and 6 Squash, set up the Squash with 3 in the back row, then 2 and then the head pin. If you have a large group just add more lanes.
Make a score sheet on an overhead transparency, so the kids can see how they’re doing as the frames go by.
For additional fun bring some permanent markers and let the teams decorate the pumpkins and pins as they like.

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