This game can get a little messy, so be sure to use a plastic tarp or play on a tiled floor.

What You Will Need:
Large bowls
LifeSavers (or some other kind of small candy. Powdered doughnuts also work well)

Set Up:
Put water in one of the bowls and flour in the other. Bury the candy in the bottom of the bowl with the flour and the apple in the bowl of water. Be sure to place the bowls a fair distance apart so the youth have farther to go.

How to Play:
You can split your youth into teams or make this a couple of people in front of an audience. Just adjust the amount of bowls for the amount of students.
The youth must run to the bowl with the water and get the apple out. when they get it out they put the apple down and run to the bowl with the candy and flour and dig the candy out. Since their face is wet it sticks to the flour and when they start laughing it makes the flour go everywhere.

Note- This can be played as a time trial with teams. Whoever gets all the candy and apples first wins. Tweak it however suits you.

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