Pool Table Bible Trivia

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This is great for small groups of 10-16. Have your kids number off by two’s. Have them stand around the table alternating spots, ie. 1..2..1..2..1..2… As they surround the table select a #1 person to start the game, then go clockwise.

Read a question from a bible trivia card game. You can even have them select the category they’d like. They have 4 options:

1) Answer. If correct they roll the ball to break the pool set of balls. If some go in they get points for their team from amount on the balls.
2) They can ask for assistance from one player on their team who can answer. If correct, the player who asked for assistance rolls and gets points. If incorrect the next player in order rolls.
3) They can roll without answering. If they knock a ball in they get another question but the ball(s) are placed back on the table.
4) If question is too tough they could “pass” and the next person in order would have to answer, no matter what. If they get it right they get to roll and they receive double points!

If you knock all the balls off the table just reset them until everyone around the table has gone at least once. The high total wins! Have a great time!

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