To play this game you need one tube of lipstick, preferably in a really outrageous shade of pink. Have the youth sit in a circle. Ask them to repeat after you (give them two practice tries, preferably in unison) “Hi, my name is (name) and I have no pink spots.”

After the practice rounds, go around the circle and each student must repeat the phrase on their own, exactly as specified by the leader. The goal of the game is to avoid earning yourself any pink spots. If a student changes any little thing about the phrase (such as starting with “Okay” or “Um” or saying “Hello” rather than “Hi”) you get to apply a pink spot to their face using the lipstick. That student then gets to try again, this time having to say they have 1 pink spot. If they still don’t get it right, give them another pink spot and move to the next student.

If for some reason you manage to get all the way around the circle without anyone earning a pink spot, give the entire group a spot.

After a few rounds, increase the level of difficulty. You can do this by adding items to the phrase, such as middle & last names, ages, birthdays, etc. You can also change the flow of the game by having the students pass it on to someone else, as follows:

“Hi, my name is Lauren, and I have no pink spots. How many pink spots does Chris have?”
“Hi, my name is Chris, and I have no pink spots. How many pink spots does Ian have?”
“Hi, my name is Ian, and I have 4 pink spots. How many pink spots does Steve have?”

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