All you need for this game is a ball (like a football). We used a stuffed toy pineapple (hence the name Pineapple Clap, you can call it whatever you like).

Get your youth to form a circle, and hand someone the ball. They have to pass the ball to someone in the circle, who must clap once, and then catch it. That player then passes it to someone else who must clap and then catch it. And so on…

The idea is you must commit to catching the ball by clapping. This means you can have fun in two ways

Dummies – fake passing the ball to get a player to clap, when you’re not actually going to throw it. YOU CAN ONLY DO THIS ONCE PER TURN

Intercepts – if the ball is in mid-throw, feel free to clap and run wildly across the circle to intercept the pass. Just remember that when you clap, you’re committed to catching.

So, you are out if
1. You clap and don’t catch the ball (this includes fumbling)
2. You catch the ball without clapping
3. You ‘dummy’ more than once

We also kicked kids off for nasty throws and taking too long with their pass.

The final face-off with the last two people is a quick paced stare down with a mix of passes and dummies to trick your opponent.

Very easy to pick up and our youth group love it! Good fun to play with a ball-shaped soft toy too… like a pineapple!!!

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