Using a sturdy box that has flaps that can be closed to keep contents from being seen, or a dark trash bag that can’t be seen through – place a variety of items inside that can be worn. Things like plastic bead necklaces, funky sunglasses, safety glasses, clip on ear rings, bathing suit tops and/or bottoms, tube socks, knee highs, head bands, plastic shower caps, sponge type curlers, baseball caps, aprons, rubber gloves, work gloves, baby bibs, etc…..arrange seating in a circle. Assign one adult (or older teen) to be in charge of cassette player. When the music starts the box or bag is passed around from person to person – when the music is stopped, whoever has the box or bag, must reach inside, without looking and pull out something and put on whatever they pull out…. this game can be played by all ages as long as younger players are placed between older ones so they can be given some help.

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