Indoor Youth Group Games

Aliens – Medic Variation

Same game as Aliens, but with two medics. We found that the smart Aliens quickly ganged up to identify and kill the medics, so the Aliens always won.

Here’s the switch:
When a medic heals a downed human, the healed human becomes the medic in their place. That way, the Aliens have a much tougher time identifying the medics. Be sure the kids understand there can only be two medics at any one time (no cheating!) and that when a medic is killed, their healing capacity dies with them (i.e., even if they are brought back to life, and thus become the new medic, the team is still down to one medic). Sounds complicated, but once they play this variation a few times, they quickly “get it.”

ANOTHER VARIATION to even up the odds with small groups: The Aliens cannot run, only walk.

Aliens – Variation

As a variation on the game “Aliens,” use two flashlights as the ray guns and hide them in the church, switched on. Whoever finds one uses it to tag the alien out. It is possible for an alien to tag someone with a flashlight (e.g. from behind) to get them out.

Alka Seltzer Pop-off

You will need:
Generic Alka Seltzer tablets (cheap is good)
35 mm film canisters (Fuji cans works best)
water in paper cups

The activity involves breaking up the Seltzer tablets, putting them in the film canisters and putting in a little water. Snap the lid shut and wait….
The seltzer will fizz and pop off the lid with a loud noise. Make sure the canister is being held pointing away from faces and other people. Make the activity more of a science experiment by allowing the kids to experiment with different amounts of seltzer and water to determine the best ratio of ingredients. Finally, have a “pop-off” where the kids attempt to get the longest distance from their lid when it pops off. Have the kids make markers to show how far their lids have gone, so you can see who achieve the greatest distance.

This activity works well as singles or in pairs. Water will get onto the floor, so avoid doing this in carpeted areas. Also, drying off the lip of the lids and the canister between experiments helps prevent premature popoff.

Alka Seltzer Rockets

This is based on the Alka Seltzer pop-off. As an added extra we issued the group with paper, scissors, tape etc. and they had to build rocket bodies to go over the film canisters. They were given 15 minutes to design, decorate and fix the bodies. Points were awarded for sytle, aerodynamics and decoration as well as height gained.

We also used baking soda and vinegar as propellants. It gives a much better fizz, smells disgusting and stings like mad if you get it in your eyes or any cuts. Maybe alka seltzer is a better option 🙁

Alphabet Game

Fill a cup with strips of paper, each with a funny sentence written on it. Each sentence must start with a different letter of the alphabet. (Aardvarks sure do look tasty. Boy do you look terrible! …) Fill another cup with numbers. Everyone picks a number. The two people who picked the 1 and 2 go first. “One” picks out a slip of paper and reads it. Two must respond with a sentence that starts with the next letter of the alphabet AND makes sense. For example, P1 “Stop! You have a turtle on your shoulder.” P2 “That turtle is my pet.” P1 “Under what circumstances should you have such a strange pet?”… The first person who either responds with a sentence that does not start with the following letter of the alphabet or who can’t come up with a sentence within the time limit (like 10 seconds) loses. Persons 3 and 4 battle one another. When all people have gone, have the winners battle one another. You could also do this with two teams going against one another.

Alphabet Ups and Downs

Choose a story with many alliterations (I like to use “Fat Fireman Foster” or “The Dreadful Dragon with a Diamond D” from my little boy’s Sesame Street storybook). Read the story to the group. Instruct group members to stand up or sit down every time they hear a word that begins with the letter you designate. The quicker you read, the sillier it gets! (One of my favorite passages: “Fat Fireman Foster was a faithful, friendly fire fighter. He was fabulous when a forest fire flickered freely through the fair forest….”

Am I Famous?

Come prepared with papers with famous names of people/characters – whether alive or dead, real of fake — on them. Attach a name to the back of each person. Everyone walks around trying to find out who they are (i.e. the name that is on their back). To do this, you can ask anyone else questions, but they can ONLY be yes/no questions. If you find out who you are, you can leave the circle.

Amazing Clothes Race

Everyone is divided into 2 seperate teams. Each team must choose one person to dress in 6 or more different pairs of clothes (not including what they are already wearing). Once the 2 people chosen are dressed, each team will need to undress their “person” when the leader says “Go!” The person who is wearing all the clothes is not allowed to help undress themselves, and they must reamin still. The team must move their arms and legs in order to remove only the clothing.(Please keep in mind that the person chosen will still have their original clothes on). The first team who undresses their “person” first wins!

**You can also try blindfolding the person wearing all the clothes to try and make more things interesting**

Amazing Mobsters

The object of this game is to eliminate the Mob before the Mob eliminates the town. Game can have up to 40 youth plus one moderator. You will need a deck of cards. They will be used to tell each youth what their role is in the game.

1)Each youth will get a card. Set aside one (2-9/any suit) for each youth. Now replace one face card for every 6-7 youth that are playing.

2)Shuffle deck and allow youth to draw card that only they will see. SECRECY is the key.

3)Assignments are as follows:
2-9 card = townsperson
face card = mobster

Once youth know what they are, take cards up.

4)Give the following commands:
“Town sleep” – everyone closes eyes
“Mob awake” – ONLY mob opens eyes. They
choose (quietly) a person to
eliminate. (Unanimously)
“Mob sleep” – everyone closes eyes again
“Town awake” – everyone OPENS eyes

5)The eliminated person is announced and is exempt from any further commands or giving hints to other players.

6)Townspeople then votes on who they believe is a mobster. Each person nominated may plead their case. The person receiving most votes is eliminated. Round over. Start commands again.
Summary: each round 2 people are eliminated – one by Mob and one by the Town. Whichever team at end remains, is the winner.

Amazing Mobsters – Bible Variation

I have played a version of this game where the “mafia” are the “persecuting Philistines”, the “Citizens” are “Israelites”, the “Doctor” is a life-saving “King”, and the “Law enforcer” are “Spies of the Israelites”. The game runs the same as before, but it helps re-enforce a story of persecution from the Bible.

Amazing Mobsters – Doctor Variation

This is a lengthy variant, but if you enjoyed the original, trust me it is worth the time to read.  
Doctor Variant
Choose a certain card to represent the town Doctor.  Each time that the Town “Sleeps” the facilitator of the game can ask the Doctor only to raise his/her head.  The facilitator, asks the doctor which person that he/she would like to protect from the mob.  Secretly the doctor picks one person in the group.  The facilitator tells the doctor to put his/her head down, then tells the mob to raise their heads and eliminate someone.  The next day, when the facilitator anounces who was eliminated, if that person is the same as the person that was protected from the doctor, then nobody is eliminated instead the facilitator anounces that the doctor saved a townsperson in the middle of the night.  This is a good variant to play with the Sherrif Variant so that if the sheriff’s identity is found out, then the doctor can protect him, however, that will leave the townspeople more vulnerable.

Amazing Mobsters – Godafather Variation

Choose a certain card to represent the Mob Boss. This variant only works with the Sheriff variant. When the sheriff asks if someone is in the mob, the facilitator answers according, Unless, the sheriff asks the facilitator if the mob boss is in the mob. If this occures, the facilitator secretly tells the sheriff that he IS NOT in the mob. This variant makes it harder for the sheriff to singlehandedly win the game for the townspeople. (At the begining of the game, when the mob makes their first move, ask the mob boss to raise his/her hand so that you know who it is.)

Amazing Mobsters – Sheriff Variation

This is a lengthy variant, but if you enjoyed the original, trust me it is worth the time to read.
You could add more variants to the game depending on how capable the group is.

The Sheriff Variant
Choose a certain card to represent the town sheriff. Each time that the Town “sleeps,” the facilitator of the game can ask the Sheriff only to raise his/her head. The Sheriff then can ask the facilitator, secretly and silently, if a certain one person is in the mob. The Facilitator answers the sheriff acordingly. (The facilitator knows who the mob members and towns people are because at the begining of the game he asks the mob members to eliminate someone) The facilitator tells the sheriff to put his/her head down, then tells the mob to raise their heads and eliminate someone. The next day, the sheriff tries to tell the towns people his/her findings without being to obvious as to let the mob know that he/she is the sheriff so that the mob won’t eliminate the sheriff next round.

Amazing Mobsters – Variation

I loved the Amazing Mobsters game. Instead of using playing cards maybe we could just write on index cards (for those who frown upon any form of gambling) and instead of calling them mobsters could they be bad guys from the bible? And when they plead their cases could they use scripture? Just a thought.

Amazing Mobsters – variation

We use this game at camp & we love it, however we call it “Mafia”.
Suzette is correct, in that the cards work, but are not critical. Most of the time we just scratch something on a scrap of paper. Depending on the group size you can change the number of mafia.
Once your group has a good grasp on the game as described in the original message, it’s easy to add a doctor. After the mafia has done their dirty deed and gone back to sleep, the doctor wakes up and trys to save someone. If by chance they save the same person that the mafia tried to “off” then the victim survives. Adding this character adds a lot to the game, because then the Mafia has the goal of nailing the doctor first, and the doctor can choose to be selfish and save themselves every time, and of course never wants to waste their time saving the mafia!!
Try it out a few times and let it evolve to fit your group. Who cares if you call the doctor a medic or anyone anything else !!
At our camp there is a sign near the cabin area (due to the narrow road) that is suppost to say “NO R.V.’s beyond this point, however it reads “NORVS beyond this point. — Obviously this create’s speculation about what norvs are, and this game has become “Norvs vs. Campers” — The townspeople become campers,the Mafia become Norvs, and the doctor either becomes the camp nurse or a prayer warrier !!
Have fun with it. It’s a great time killer/rainy day game.

Amazing Mobsters – with a Twist

As mentioned in the original Amazing Mobsters game, this time include “Angels.” They are the ones with Aces. After the Mobster picks and then “sleeps”, then the Angels wake and save one person. Then they sleep and the game continues. If the angel saves the right person they remain in the game. What makes it fun is if the angel is chosen by the mobsters the same rules apply if they are regular town people.

Amazing Mobsters – Yup another variation

If the game is played with the Sheriff and/ or Doctor Variation, they (the sheriff and doctor) can be suspicious characters.
We decided neither the doctor nor sheriff can reveal themselves if they are nominated as a mobster.
Try it!

Amazing Mobsters With A Twist

You add in the Aces, with the ace of hearts being a detective, and the ace of diamonds being a doctor. After the mobsters finish picking someone they all sleep. Then the detective gets to point to someone and the moderator shows them a card, either a face card for a mobster or a normal card for a citizen.

Then it is the turn for the doctor. The detective goes to sleep, and the doctor gets to point to someone to save. If the doctor points to the person that the mob tried to kill, then that person is saved.

Neither the doctor or the detective can reveal that they are the doctor or detective, (for this you need to bring in a rule that nobody is allowed to ask).

This adds some extra intrigue to the game.

Amazing Race (Through the Bible)

This idea is taken from the show “The Amazing Race.”

I split the kids into teams of 2-4 depending on how big the group is, and give each team only one Bible one pen and one question sheet.

Each team must race through the Bible looking for answers to the Bible trivia question on the question sheet. After they have completed the sheet (correctly)they must then go to the “Detour.” A detour is a task that one team member must do to get the second set of questions. (Look for detour suggestions below).

After they have completed the detour the kids then get a second set of questions. After they have completed that set of questions (correctly) they must then go to the pit stop. The last team at the pit stop is eliminated and the other teams go on until there are two teams. The first one to the pit stop wins.

Detour suggestions: Eat 4 crackers and whistle, eat a piece of bread, get a piece of cheese from your forehead to your mouth w/out using your hands, drink a can of soda, tell a joke.

Amazing Shoe GrabTag

Everyone removes their shoes and puts them down the back of their pants sticking out of the waist as far as possible. Then, once the game is explained and you say go, the youth run around trying to grab the shoes from the other youth. Once both shoes are removed from ones waist, they are out. The trick is that the shoes must be held the entire time once plucked from anothers waistband. The winner is the last one with shoe or two left in their waistband or the one holding the most shoes when the time ends.
Play as many times as time allows!