Items needed:
Chairs for the maze
Paper cups
4 Cushions or Pillows
1 Yellow, 1 Red, 1 Blue, 1 Green, 1 Purple, Tee Shirt.
Stop Watch
The Pacman get to wear the Yellow Tee shirt.
The ghosts wear the other colors
The game is played like the video game. We set up chairs to resemble the layout (the maze) of the Pacman game. Make sure the aisles between the chairs are wide enough so the kids won’t hit the chairs while running down the aisles. Place a cushion in each of the four corners of the playing field. Down the left side of the aisles place the paper cups on the floor about 1 every 3 feet. These cups are the “white dots” that the Pacman must pick up while trying not to be tagged by the ghosts. The ghosts start out the game in the middle area of the playing field. The Pacman can start in any random place on the playing field. The game begins with a blow on the whistle. The “Pacman” can pick up the cushions at any time during the game, if he has to, and chase the “ghosts”. While the Pacman has the cushion he can’t be caught by the ghosts. The Pacman can only hold the cushion for a minute, after that time blow the whistle and the cushion is removed from the playing field. The cushion can’t be thrown at the ghosts. If the ghost is touched by the cushion the ghost returns to the middle area of the playing field and must remain there for 30 seconds, before returning to the game. You can designate one of the spectators to be the whistle blower and another to be the time keeper. If the Pacman picks up all the cups before being tagged by the ghosts 3 times he is the victor. Once the Pacman wins or is caught 3 times a new Pacman and ghosts take the field. You can keep score by counting the number of cups collected by each Pacman. Prizes can be given to the best Pacman (most cups gathered) as well as the best ghosts team (least cups allowed).

After everyone has had a chance to play you can change the configuration of the chairs for different levels of play.
Who says video games can’t be physically challenging!

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