Othello – Small Group version

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Small group icebreaker game – 10+ people

(If your group has mastered Four on the Couch, try this game – a tad bit trickier.)

Everyone sits in a circle with one vacant chair remaining. Everyone draws a paper from a hat–these papers have the names of everyone in the room. Show no one your paper! Have all the girls cross their legs (Black team – X) and all the guys uncross their legs (white team. – U) The person to the right of the vacant chair calls out a name. Whoever has that name on their paper moves to take the vacant seat and switches names with the person who called them.

When they take this seat they may capture members from the other team (like in OTHELLO the board game.) See below:
U X U (X) X U <-- in this situation (X) sat in the vacant chair. The 2nd U to her left is trapped because he finds himself stuck between two X's (or crossed's). U X U U U U U (X) <-- in this situation (X) sat in the vacant chair and captured the entire run of U's between her and the next X. U X U U ( ) U (X) X <-- in this situation nobody is captured because the vacant seat that (X) left behind acts like the edge of the board. All captured people/pieces must change teams by crossing or uncrossing their legs. The game is over when one team is left with 0 or 1 players.

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