This is a pretty fun game. When I was in youth we played it. Best done on a warmer day!

Need: 2 poles (broom handles work well)
2 chairs
1 wet cloth

Have one of the youth sit across from you in a chair (they are to be your “mirror”) give both people a pole.

Now the person in charge will stand up or sit down randomly while saying “ooga” or “booga” with each action. They also move the pole around (left or right up or down) the “mirror” person copies them.

It is best done if the mirror person is facing away from the kitchen or washroom as that is where you will get your wet cloth. Have someone who has played this game wet the cloth ahead of time.

During one of the ooga or booga when you are both standing, have the wet cloth put on the “mirror” person’s seat. Do a few more ooga booga’s and then sit down (sometimes takes a while to soak thru so do a few ooga booga while seated. The person will then get a wet surprise. Can be done with everyone watching or each person separately.

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