Hand out small pieces of paper and pens to each person. Have everyone write an occupation on the paper. It can be silly or standard: e.g. rainbow catcher, doctor, trash collector, student, Easter egg painter, etc. Have the moderator collect all the occupations and read then out (slowly) twice and ONLY twice. Assign someone to go first. The first person asks a specific person, “Suzy, are you the trash collector?” If Suzy is not, then she says no and asks the next person whatever she wants. If Suzy IS the trash collector, she must join that person and they are a team. They then ask another person if they are a certain occupation. If they are wrong, the person asked, continues, and so on. You are allowed to ask the “head” person from a group if they are something to gain all of their team. The last person with their occupation not discovered is the winner.

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