Narrow and Wide Gate

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You will need:
3 bamboo canes and 2 clothes pegs per gate.
At least one team of at least three people(works best two or more teams of 3-6)

one gate per team. For each gate use two canes as side bars. Clip one clothes peg on each side bar at the same level (low down for a narrow gate, higher up for a wide gate). Use the third bamboo cane as the cross bar, balanced on the clothes pegs. Tilt pegs slightly upwards.

Game: Each team has to hold its gate up by the side bars (no touching the cross bar) and get its members through the gate at the same time. This means that they must swap who is doing the holding up at some point. Oh yes – holders have to go through too. If one person knocks down the cross bar the whole team must start again.

1. Teams race using only the narrow gates. Then they race using the wide gates and discuss which was easier.

2. Choose teams by height. Give smallest the wide gate and tallest the narrow gate.

3. Let only one team have go at a time getting through the wide gate and time them with a stop watch. The fastest time wins. Repeat with the narrow gate.

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