This game is actually quite simple, and of course the more people, the merrier and more laughter. Equipment is just some pencils and paper.

First, the leader can actually get the people to sit together in a circle so that all can see what’s going to happen in the middle. Then the leader explains to them that this is how the game will work:

1. On one piece of paper, write down the name of a person present in the group. On the other piece, write down a type of action to be done. Remind them that the names written down is not to be seen by anyone.

2.Fold the paper and wait for the leader where he/she will give the cue as to when the folded paper will be passed around.

Now, get all of them to carry out steps 1 and 2. By now, they should already thought of funny and weird actions to be done by the written person’s name on their paper. When done, instead of telling them to pass the paper around, ask them not to. Now you explain to them that THEY are the ones who will imitate the person written and also to do the actions they wrote down! This is where all the fun starts when you can see people doing things from cartwheels to juggling mothballs!

The idea is for gamers to have some laughs and also get to know each other’s name. Greatly recommended for the juniors. Teens and Youths playing will be hilarious when they can think of even funnier moves.

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