My Father Owns A Grocery Store

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Good for small to medium size groups. Divide youth into two teams, each one at a “base” about 10 yards apart, and designate one team to go first. That team (team A) thinks of a clue to give the other team, team B–they give the name of a store and the initials of a product. For example, “My father owns a grocery store and he bought me P.B.” They approach the B team, stand about 3 feet apart, and give them their clue. Team B has to guess what the initials stand for. Once someone guesses correctly (peanut butter), Team A runs back to their base, with Team B chasing after them. If anyone from Team B tags a Team A player, that person goes to the other team. Then it’s Team B’s turn to come up with a clue. The youth can come up with any kind of store to have the clue from, from automotive to electronics to candy to toy. Play until one team catches all the players, or until they’re too tired to go on!

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