Purpose of the game is to discover who the murderer is.
First, you prepare enough slips of paper for each person playing. On one of the slips you write murderer or simply put an X. On another slip you write the word detective. After you hand them out, everyone gives them back to you or drops them in a bowl after looking at them. Then whoever the detective is must make himself known. This is important because the detective cannot be murdered.
Then round 1 begins with all the lights being turned out. There are three rounds altogether and each round ends when someone discovers a body. Everyone basically walks around in the dark (not in groups) until a dead body is found. The murderer walks around too waiting for an opportune time to say “you’re dead” to someone. When some is told that, they wait 5 seconds and then fall to the floor. The round continues until someone discovers the body and yells out “dead body.”
At this time everyone gathers around the body and the detective attempts to discover the murderer. He/She can ask only yes or no questions from any one except the “dead body.” Everyone has to tell the truth except for the murderer. The murderer can lie on any question except, “Are you the murderer?” When the detective makes an accusation, the round ends and round 2 begins (unless of course the detective was right). Round 2 is exactly like round 1.
Round 3 is the same except the murderer can kill as many people as he/she wants. Round 3 is the last round and the murderer must reveal himself after the round if the detective doesn’t guess right.
Ed. Note: All this murder talk sounds kinda gruesome. 🙂 I guess you could tranquilize them or bludgeon them with a rubber chicken instead. 🙂

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