Murder In The Dark — Variation

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This is very similar to Murder but the difference is:

Use a deck of cards and have a designated card be the murder (ie. the person who gets the Ace of spades is murderer) and have a leader be the “Sheriff” (because the teens don’t really want to be the sheriff) and the sheriff is in a designated place for the entire game.

It is best if it is done in a building that is pitch black and has 2 or more levels or atleast many rooms and hallways to hide in.

The murderer goes around and can kill as many paeople he/she wants at a time by tapping a person on the shoulder and saying “your dead”. The victim then waits 5 seconds and lets a blood curtling scream and falls dead…He or she may not talk to anyone for the duration of the game. The victims can be moved after that unless the Murderer moves them (the murder is the only person who is able to move a “dead body” even if the body is obstructing the walk ways or stairs)

Hint: it is best to put a time limit to the murderer’s first the murderer must kill someone atleast every 4 minutes or the game can go for ever if you have a very cautious murderer.

When a person has seen someone do something incriminating or if they think they know who the murderer is — they may go the the sheriff and tell them his or her suspicions The Sheriff calls a everyone together for a trial (the living people sit on one side and the dead people sit on another side…the dead can absolutely not talk). The “eyewitness(es)” accuses a person and gives his “eyewitness testimony (ies)” (it can be real laced with fabrications…such as if they saw the accused tap a person on a shoulder right before they died they can say they saw the person stab the dead person…..make it fun…or since the only person that can move a body is the murderer then you can say you saw the accused caring the dead body to the attic…etc)

There may be several “eyewitnesses”. Once all the eye witnesses have given there testimonies then the accused gets a chance to defend his or herself… After that then the rest of the people can vote on whether the accused is the murderer or not. If the majority believes the accused to be the murder then the accused must reveal his or her identity if he/she was the murderer then the game is over and you pass the cards out and begin the game again. But if the accused was not the murderer than the game continues and the murderer is still at large.
This game is extremely fun and can be played for hours….Great for a lock-in game.

[Ed. Note: Again, as mentioned for the original game, the title “Murder” may not be the most appropriate name for a youth group game… you may want to change the theme to tranquilizing, etc. but give the game a try!]

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