When I was a kid we had this game that really brought the house down. I learnt that it was adapted from a traditional game using very basic elements and redid it for my youth. The wonderful thing about it is that it’s suitable for all ages and gets everyone squealing regardless of age.

Suitable for up to 7. Break into smaller groups if your group is large. Things you will have to prepare.

1. a mouse for each player (a 2.5″ piece of parcel string with a large knot tied at the end).
2. a small round mat about 3″ in diameter
3. a sturdy plastic bowl or container the size of the mat.
4. a die
5. 10 tokens for each player

1 player starts as the mouse catcher. He/se holds the bowl and tosses the die. Everyone else has their ‘mouse’ in the mat with tails sticking out. They are to hold on to the tail of the mouse. If a 1 or 6 is rolled, the mouse catcher slams the bowl onto the mat to catch the mice. Everyone else pulls away in attempt to escape. Those who escape get paid a token by the catcher, those who are caught pay the catcher. Then the person to the right becomes the catcher. If the catcher catches when it’s not a 1 or 6, he pays everyone. If a player runs away when it’s not 1 or 6 they pay the catcher. Beware of those who try to cheat by yanking their mice out even after it’s been caught. Guaranteed fun. Email me if you have problems understanding.

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