This is a game our kids love to play. You will need music of some sort, we usually have some Christian cd’s that we use or someone on the piano will work too.

Before the game begins, make sure everyone takes off their shoes, jewellery, glasses, etc, and that girls tuck their shirts into their pants.

As the music is playing, everyone walks around (“mingles”) and when the music stops someone not “mingling” yells out a number. The number that is called is how many people you need to grab in order to make a group up, and then when you think you have that many in your group, the entire group should fall to the floor locking arms, legs, etc.

The idea is that you just grab people around you and fall to the floor, and most times their are too many people in the group, so however many extras there are, other people need to try and pull some people from the group. If you get pulled out of a group or if there was too few people in your group, then you are out and sit out until the next game.

(eg, if the number 5 is called out, everyone needs to get into groups of 5 and then each group falls to the floor, holding on to one another. If there are 7 in a group, then two people need to get pulled out of the group and they are out. If there is a group of 4, that entire group is out.)

Those left in a group then start mingling again while the music is playing. Once the music stops, another number is called out.

The object is to be the last two people left in the game. (Hint: if there are 8 people left “mingling”, call out an odd number. This ensures someone will be out.)

Warning; this game can get rough, people holding on, trying not to get pulled off of their group. You need to have a roomy area to play it, and encourage kids not to be too rough.

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