Marshmallow Surprise!

by | All Youth, Indoor Youth Group Games

You will need a bag of the large marshmallows and a “surprise” for each marshmallow you use. You can get pretty creative with “surprises,” but I have tried raisins, a chunk of pickle, a cheerio, a peanut, onion, carrot, mustard…you get the idea. Just don’t make all of the surprises gross, or you’ll have a difficult time getting more than a couple teens to play this game. Cut each marshmallow in half (not quite all the way) and scoop out a hole in the center. Place the “surprise” in the middle and smash the marshmallow back together. Put the marshmallows on a plate and have a teen select a marshmallow. The teen isn’t allowed to smell or inspect the marshmallow. After selecting their marshmallow, the teen must eat the marshmallow in one bite and then guess what the “surprise” is. Everyone will enjoy watching each other’s reactions…the reaction to the mustard marshmallow is especially amusing 🙂

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