Here’s a hilarious ‘initiation’ game that we’ve been using for several years at our junior high lock-ins. You need at least 6 kids or greater. Choose several volunteers (preferrably the newest members of the youth group by grade) and have all of the other youths divide up equally between the volunteers. There should be at least 2 youths for each volunteer youth. Have each volunteer youth sit in a chair with the other youth standing around them. Give each group several packs of Lifesavers for them to suck on in their own mouths which they will use to stick on the face of the volunteer sitting in the chair. Make sure the volunteers tilt their heads back for maximum adhesion! After a couple of minutes, stop the game and have the volunteers carefully stand up in a row with the youth leaders counting up each lifesaver that is still sticking to the faces of the volunteers. The youth with the most Lifesavers on his/her face without falling off wins! We have so much fun taking pictures of the youth, especially when they are sitting down with the Lifesavers on their face!!!
[Ed. Note: Well, you can try it if you like, but none of my youth would ever go for it. 🙂 ]

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