Kiss Your Leader

by | All Youth, Indoor Youth Group Games

This game is like “Pin the Tail on the Donkey,” but has been altered to fit a Valentine Party. You need to have enough cardboard lips cut out for each student to have one (1) pair. Put duct tape on the back of each one. Take a picture of each leader’s face in your church (example:pastor, youth pastor, sunday school teacher, etc.), blow it up, cut it out, and tape it on your wall. Give the first student a pair of lips, blind fold the student, spin him/her, then have student stick lips on picture on wall. Hint: This works even better if you have a good variety of leadership (handsome youth pastor, pretty sunday school teacher, young leadership, old leadership, etc.). It works even better if you switch the faces around each time, after blindfolding students. Especially if they were aiming for the hunky youth pastor and got your 70 yr. old pastor instead.

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