This game is played like the board game with a slight variation.
Divide a large room in half so the teams can’t see the other half of the room, sheets or blankets hanging from a rope works well. Give each team a total of 17 chairs, these will become the ships. The kids can place the chairs anywhere on their side of the room as follows:
Chairs must be placed in a straight line so that they are touching each other to form a ship.
5 chairs is a Carrier (1 ship)
4 chairs is a Battleship (1 ship)
3 chairs is a Destroyer (2 ships)
2 chairs is a Cruiser (1 ship)

Have the kids sit in the chairs to become the crew. If you don’t have enough kids to fill all the ships, each ship must have 1 crew member.
Cannonballs (soccer balls, basketballs) are given to each ship. At the “FIRE” command by a leader a cannonball is thrown, one at a time, over the room divider. If a ship is hit on the fly, no bounces, a “HIT” is announced and one of the chairs is layed on its side, but not removed from the ship to keep track of the number of “HITS”. The game continues till one of the teams has its entire fleet sunk.

Another quick thought, you can also play this game outside when its warm and use water balloons instead of balls, or indoors if you’ve got a mop and a nice janitor.

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