Youth leader/pastor thinks up a list of words (how many depends on how many youth you have in your group, and how many you want per group. I tried it with five/group and it worked really well), the more random the better. Each group is then randomly given one of those random words, and the only instructions you give them is something like this:
“Take that phrase or word and make a skit, poem, song, dance or whatever with it. Be creative.” And leave it at that. They’re given 10 minutes or so to prepare, then they perform in front of the other groups. Everyone votes for the best at the end.
Here’s my initial word list, but you can use anything you want:
-Soft bananas
-The heel of a shoe
-Bike chain
-The perfect gift
-Spaghetti Bolognaise
-Rocking chair
My group came up with haikus and songs using the objects they were assigned, and had a blast. Have fun!

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