Identity Crisis – Variation

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Start by giving each kid a blank piece of paper and a pen.

Ask them to right down anyone’s name that a majority or the people in the group will know this is now their identity. (It could be an actor, a singer, a person from history, a cartoon character or a movie character for example). They should try to pick someone that people won’t identify with them (i.e. Olivia shouldn’t pick Justin Timberlake if everyone knows she LOVES him) this will help them in the game later.

After every one has written down a name without letting anyone see, have him or her fold it up and place it in a basket. Once everyone’s identity is in the basket, read all of the names aloud once for everyone to hear. Explain that their goal is to remember as many as possible as you read them.

Then start with whoever’s birthday is soonest and have them get to try to guess someone’s identity (i.e. “I think Drew is Donald Duck). If they guess it right, that person is now on the guesser’s team and can help the person guess another identity when it is their turn, though they themselves aren’t allowed to guess.

Whether or not they are right, the guesser only gets one guess and then it is the next person in the circle’s turn. If someone guesses the identity of someone who has multiple people on their team, that whole group is now a part of the guesser’s team.

The game continues until one person has gotten every other person in the game on their team through guessing people’s identity. (So at the end there will be two large groups lead by two individuals trying to guess one another’s identity). During the guessing, if someone can’t remember any of the identities they must pass their turn. Variation: When someone correctly guesses someone else’s identity, they get to guess again until they guess incorrectly.

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