Once this game gets going, it goes really fast!

Sit everyone sit in a circle with one extra chair. The first person slides over into that chair and says, “I sit…” Then the person that was next to them slides over and says, “…in the grass…” Then the next person slides over and says “…with my friend…” and picks someone from the group (example) “…Ashley!” So Ashley would have to move into the empty seat by that person. Now Ashley’s seat is open, and the battle is on…

The kids on either side of Ashley’s chair hurry and try to sit in it first, and say “I SIT!” and then the next person on their side scoots over, “in the grass”, and the next person scoots over, “with my friend…” and they pick someone else.

This thing can go on all night and is a great way to get hyper kids to get their energy out!

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