You need 3 plastic eggs for every player, a roll of masking tape and a pen. Number your eggs in sequence. I used the masking tape so I could write on the eggs. There will be three eggs with a 1 on them, three eggs numbered with a 2 and so on. Hide them in a designated area or in several rooms side by side. As young people arrive put a number on them with the tape to correspond with each set of eggs. For example, I had 6 middle schoolers at a meeting. I hid 18 eggs. The kids were numbered 1 through 6. The rules are simple. They have to find their eggs. If the egg they find doesn’t have their number on it they have to leave it. They can also choose to rehide the egg. However, adults circulate around the room. If they catch someone with an egg that doesn’t match their number they have to surrender one of their numbered eggs. It’s a blast for the kids and the leaders.

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