This game needs to be played in a large dark area. A church with all the lights off is best.
You also need a flashlight that you can take apart. Hide the pieces around the church.
If you have a large group, you might want more than one flashlight… but one works for 25 kids in my experience.

You could make up a back story if you want, but my youth didn’t mind.

You need pick Glaxons and a guard (usually leaders). If your group is larger, you will need more than one Glaxon. For 25 youth, we usually have two Glaxons. And when one Glaxon gets tired he/she trades places with the guard.

The Glaxon goes around hunting youth, but must constantly say “glaxon, glaxon, glaxon” there can’t be any long pauses (this gets harder when you’ve been running for a while). The Glaxon can whisper or yell, but must keep saying the word.

When a Glaxon catches a youth, it takes the youth to “jail” where another leader is a guard. To get out the youth must complete a challenge of the guard’s choice.
We asked for bible verses they were supposed to have memorized, or to win an arm wrestle against the guard… anything. But if they fail, they have to wait 1 min till the next challenge.

The youth in the mean time are searching for the pieces of flashlight. Once they have the flashlight, they can shine the light on the Glaxon and stun it. Once the flashlight(s) are assembled and the glaxons stunned – the game is over.

If a Glaxon catches a youth who has a piece of flashlight, then the Glaxon gets to keep it and hide it again. If the flashlight is almost together, they can separate the pieces and hide each one separately.

Hope you enjoy this game! It’s really fun to play!

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