The students of our student ministry and I have come up with all these different versions of “Tag Ball”, a childhood game I played growing up. Here’s another version:

Like the other versions of “Tag Ball” you’ll need a few Nerf, Gator Skin, or some kind of balls that can be thrown without hurting someone.
In our Fellowship Hall we have this long narrow hall way and sometimes we use it for “Gauntlet Tag Ball”. Have two teams of about three people each starting out with a “tag ball”. Have the two teams stay at each end of the hallway, no advancing towards the other team. From there each team will try to eliminate each player of the other team by hitting them once with a “tag ball”. The team that has at least one player left in the game that has not been tagged is the winning team. Be careful because if you have a narrow hallway like we do the space will get tight so dodging incoming “tag balls” will be a great challenge but fun to watch. If you have a big number of students interested in playing this game then you can have an elimination tournament. Make up rules as you see fit and have fun.

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