Frogs on a Pond Tag

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This is an easy game of tag that will keep the kids on their toes. Supplies needed: something large enough for 2 kids to stand on (a bath towel, large sheet of paper, carpet square, etc.). You will need enough of these for each kid playing.

Randomly place them on the floor throughout the room, these are your “Lily Pads”. Have each kid stand on a lily pad, there can only be one person on a each pad during the game. Next pick 2 kids to begin the game one is “it” and one will be chased by “it”. Have them step off their “Lily Pads” and then remove their pads from the game. The object of the game is for the kid who is “it” to tag a kid who is not on a lily pad. The first person to be chased can at anytime during the game jump onto another person’s “lily pad”. Once he/she does that he/she is safe, but the other person who was on the pad must now get off the pad and he/she is now the one being chased. There is no pause in the action when this takes place. Once a person is tagged by “it” they are now the one who has to chase and try to tag another player who is not on a “Lily Pad”.

This game had our kids really hopping, even our adult leaders got in on the fun.

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