This is a great game to tire out the kids fairly quickly and it can work effectively with as few as ten people. The game is similar to British Bulldog/Bullrush but with a twist.

To begin, break the kids into two groups. Then send them to each end of the hall. Like Bullrush, the idea of the game is to tag or capture members from the other team. The trick is that you can only tag someone who is not as “fresh” as you. Freshness is determined by the time your body leaves your team’s wall. Once you leave the wall you are no longer fresh. You can only tag or capture somone who left the opposing wall before you. Somebody who left the opposing wall after you is “fresher” than you and therefore can tag you but you cannot tag them. Once a person is tagged they must stay on the wall of the team that tagged them and wait for somebody to rescue them which can only be achieved by a teammate tagging the captured person without getting tagged by the opposition. When two or more players are captured they can link hands to form a line, with one player still connected to the wall, so their teamates can rescue them. Once a player is freed they and the player that has rescued them cannot be tipped until they reach their team’s wall, this is one rule that must be enforced.

The game is finished when one team has completely captured the other.

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