Footsketball is simply a mix between football, basketball, and ultimate frisbee.

Materials: You need two teams of 2-20ea. (40 players max), a basketball court with two goals, and a nerf football or smaller football (so that girls can throw and catch easily).

The goal of the game is to score a point with the football by shooting it into the basket. A game should go to about 15 points to make it around 10-15min or so. (we have adjustable goals so we lower them to about 8-9ft.)

To begin the game use a coin flip, guess the number behind my back, or traditional jump ball. After you determine who gets the ball first, have that team take the ball out under their basket.

To get down court to score you have to pass the ball to your teammates. Once a person catches the ball they must stop in place (ultimate frisbee style) and pass it to the next person. Once you are in shooting range you can shoot. Or even if you aren’t in shooting range. (Offensive rebounds are the key to scoring fast)

You can add rules or take away. Enjoy Footsketball is a great way to wear students out!

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