You’ll need a pretty big room and a tiled floor for this game. If your church as a fellowship hall or gym that would be best. You’ll also need an old coaster or jelly jar top to use as a puck. We found some hard rubber coasters at Target that work great and they won’t break. You’ll also need some small cones and duct tape to set up the goals.

Set up two goals on either side of the room with small cones and some duct tape or your own creative way of making a goal. Split the group into two teams and play Foot Hockey. You just use your foot to kick the puck so that it slides around on the floor and to pass it to a teammate. Watch out for players trying to step on the puck and slide it while under their foot to advance the puck. That takes away from the fun and if you have someone who is a little stronger than the rest then they’ll have an advantage. The game may get a little physical so make up rules as you see fit.

To make it more like a hockey rink, we have some folding tables that we set on their long sides with the legs out to prop them up and make walls which will be good to bounce the puck off of when playing.
Have fun.

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