We were in need of a fast paced game that involved all the kids (and some leaders) at the same time.
For setup we placed about six stackable chairs on top of each other in opposite corners of our Fellowship Hall. On top of each stack we placed a small garbage can. About five feet from each basket place masking tape across the floor making a triangle with the basket in the middle. Each player is given two peaces of cloth (flags) about 12 inches long (different color per team). The players place these in their pockets or whatever in such a way that at least six inches of the cloth is visible.
The game uses a miniature sized basketball and is played like a regular basketball game with a few exceptions.
1) The player with the ball can only take up to three steps with the ball (NO DRIBBLING) before either shooting or passing.
2) While a player has the ball (and only then), opposing players try to steal their flags.
3) If a player looses both flags, they are out of the game. Judges must decide if the player still had position of the ball when their flag was taken.
4) No one can enter the triangle areas until after a basket is attempted. Then only a defending player can get in and throw the ball out.
Play the game until either there is only one player left or a set amount of points is reached.
You can make all kinds of adaptations to this game.

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