Five Second Candy Catch

by | All Youth, Indoor Youth Group Games

To begin this game you will want your youth to pair up. Each team should receive two small paper cups and 20 small pieces of unwrapped candy, i.e. Skittles or M&M’s. Have the youth decide who will be throwing and who will be catching before you explain all the rules. Have your youth match up across the room from each other. The thrower will throw the candy one at a time. The catcher will try and catch the candy by using the small cup only. If the catcher misses the candy. The five second food rule applies and he/she has to quickly pick it up and eat it. The next piece of candy cannot be thrown until the previous piece of candy is in the cup or has been eaten. The pair with the most candy in the cup wins. I usually reward them with a clean bag of the candy we used.

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