This is a great ‘King Of The Hill’-type game I made up one night for youth. It takes a little bit of prep. and creates just the right amount of chaos.

Have you ever seen those kids on Halloween dressed like a cop and as part of their costume they have their ‘cruiser’ made out of a cardboard box with shoulder straps and a whole cut out in the centre so their legs are sticking out the bottom? That’s what this game is centred around.

Using huge cardboard boxes (I was able to get some from a local furniture store), make at least 3 ‘cars’ that will fit around the body of your average youth, held on with shoulder straps. The number of cars you make will determine the number of teams you will have.

Here’s how it works:
-Using tape, mark off a big circle on the ground (like in Sumo Wrestling) This will be your arena.
-Each team has only one ‘car’ and therefore, each team can only have one player in the arena at a time.
-Every other team member is used to create a wall around the arena limits in their teams)
-To eliminate an opponent, you must rear-end their car with the front of your car
-As soon as a player in the arena is rear-ended (eliminated), they must drop their car, leave the arena and tag in someone else from their team to take their place
-The game continues for a set amount of time, after which the team who eliminated the most opponents wins.
– You need at least two officials to fairly judge who is out.

And that is how the game is played.

A couple additional things:

1) If you have the room for it, It’s better to have more teams with less people per team so that everyone can get a lot of rounds in. I only had four cars (teams) and we ended up having 50+ youth, so a lot of them didn’t get a whole bunch of play time.

2) When making the cars, you will seriously want to reinforce them. I used an entire roll of duct tape for 4 cars. You may want to add extra pieces of cardboard, or anything you can do to make them last longer. By the time our youth were done, I was left with a pile of ripped and crunched cardboard pieces.

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