You have two chairs in each corner of the room (depending on the size of the group, you might have to set up more chairs). “Name” each corner with a last name that you’ve either made up or you can use the last names of members of the group. Then make four papers with each last name written on it, and take one of each last name and write down “Father”, then another one from each that says, “Mother”, another that says, “Child” and another that says, “Dog” (ie: Jones-mother, Jones-father, Jones-child, Jones-dog). Then split the group into two, and get group one to stand in a circle in the middle of the room, and get group two to stand in a circle around them. Play some music and while the music is playing one group goes clockwise and the other counter clockwise and they trade papers as their walking in the circle. When the music stops, everyone has to look at their paper and find the set of chairs that has that family name and sit in the appropriate position. The “Father” sits in the chair on the right, the “Mother” beside him, the “Child” on the “Mother’s” lap, and the “Dog” on the floor beside the “Mother’s” chair. The family that does this last loses and the “members” of that family are out. Remove one set of chairs and start again until there is only two sets of chairs left.

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